Thermal Analysis

Tracing and analyzing the temperature of a cooling and solidifying iron sample is named Thermal Analysis. The plateaus of liquidus and solidus temperatures of the cooling iron sample in a cup allow the calculation of carbon equivalent, carbon and silicon. Relevant formulas in our instruments may be used to calculate physical properties of the iron casting.

Our range of QuiK-Cup cups (QuiK stands for Quartz insulated type K thermocouple) are designed for various types of cast iron, unalloyed, alloyed, solidifying grey or white and taken from Cupola through runner, furnace or tundish.

Sensor: QuiK-Cup®

Instrument: QuiK-Lab® E, Sensor Lab Foundry

Software: MeltControl Foundry

QuiK-Lab E and QuiK-Cup
Sensor-Lab Foundry
QUBE K and wireless cup stand
MeltControl Foundry