New PERC Efficiency Record Set Using Heraeus Metallization Paste

Hanau - Germany; September 08, 2015

Cell efficiency of 21.7% achieved using Heraeus’ front-side silver paste

Once again, Heraeus has contributed in setting a world record in solar cell efficiency. Heraeus’ front-side metallization paste has been successfully put to use to achieve a record PERC (“passivated emitter and rear cell”) efficiency of 21.7%. The record cells were processed at the solar cell R&D line at SolarWorld in Freiberg.

Dr. Weiming Zhang, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Sales & Head of Global Innovation for the Heraeus Photovoltaics Global Business Unit, says: “We are proud of our efforts to supply our metallization pastes and research and development expertise in achieving this record performance. Heraeus has several paste formulations that are ideal for PERC applications. We also have the capability to modify our formulations for special cell design characteristics. We feel that our ability to work closely with our partners allowed us to provide a front-side paste that reduced recombination losses at the surface and minimized shading after the metallization process.”

Heraeus has a long history of working with leading academic and industrial researchers to increase the performance and efficiency of advanced cell technologies.

To learn more information regarding Heraeus and our recommendations for specific metallization pastes for your PERC applications, meet the Heraeus Photovoltaics Global Business Unit team at this year’s EU PVSEC at the Congress Center Hamburg, in Hamburg, Germany from September 15th – 17th 2015. Exhibiting in Hall H, Booth F4. For additional information regarding the world record PERC cell processed at SolarWorld, see: -relations/newsannouncements/corporate-news/single-ansicht/article/solarworld-ag-setsnew-world-record-for-solar-cell-efficiency/ .