Heraeus opens new Precious Metals Academy

Hanau, November 29, 2016

  • Heraeus Precious Metals Academy provides information about precious metals trading and recycling
  • Individual forms of instruction tailored to clients’ needs

The technology company Heraeus is launching a Precious Metals Academy for its clients. It is particularly intended for companies that process precious metals on an industrial scale. At the 12th Precious Metals Forum hosted by Heraeus in Hanau last week, Sonia Hellwig, head of the newly created Academy, explained the concept to a broad professional audience.

Specialized knowledge generates competitive advantages

“Precious metals are used in many industrial products, including in consumer electronics, the automobile industry, solar power, and medical technology,” Sonia Hellwig explains. “For most producers, precious metals are part of the value creation chain, but aren’t the focus of their activities.” However, because of their high value and volatile prices, precious metals can have a considerable impact on the product margin – and thus also on a company’s competitiveness and commercial success.

The Heraeus Precious Metals Academy fills precisely this gap. “We want to create a platform where our experts can share their knowledge with other companies,” says Hellwig. The instructors at the Heraeus Precious Metals Academy all have a great deal of practical experience in the precious metal industry. Hellwig continues: “We firmly believe a close cooperation between Heraeus, as a precious metals specialist, and the processing industry to be mutually beneficial to both sides. It opens the door to individual solutions that can make a difference on the market.”

Offering basic and specialized knowledge

The Heraeus Precious Metals Academy offers lectures and workshops relating to precious metals trading and recycling. These range from basic knowledge about precious metals and their application in industry, to specialized knowledge relating, for example, to pricing on the market, risk management, and handling in the recycling process. There are no standard seminars. “We want to discuss with the client what they would like to know and the best way we can provide them with that knowledge,” says Sonia Hellwig. “We will even go and meet with the client wherever it suits them.”

The Academy plans to expand its range of activities further in the coming weeks and months. If you are interested, you can contact Sonia Hellwig by phone at +49 6181 35 9297 or via email at sonia.hellwig@heraeus.com.