Heraeus Medevio's vision is to improve 100 million lives every year and part of this vision is a commitment to sustainability.

Together We Improve Lives

Our vision is to improve 100 million lives each year. To achieve this vision, we are committed to sustainability initiatives and the growth of our teams. we have built a culture of curiosity that thrives on challenges, continuous learning, celebrating new ideas, and the opportunity to take risks and try new things.

Making Quality an Integral Part of Everything We Do

Quality is an integral part of everything we do at Heraeus Medevio.

At Heraeus Medevio, quality is the top priority of every process and product we produce because we know it impacts the ability of patients to access life-changing and saving procedures.

Our approach to quality includes a Global Quality Manual covering all locations, the use of a GHTF (Global Harmonization Task Force) Guidelines for compliance ensures robustness and alignment with customers, and FDA registration of several global sites.

Visit our  Quality Systems page to learn more.

Commitment to the Development of Our Team

Heraeus Medevio is committed to the development of its team and celebrating diversity.

Heraeus Medevio Women’s Network

The women’s network was formed for female-identifying employees and their allies with the following goals:

  • Represent interests
  • Support growth and professional development
  • Present opportunities for exchanging feedback and ideas

The network aims to support attraction, retention, and growth of a diverse team with an equitable and inclusive culture, in line with Heraeus Medevio’s values.

Celebrating Our Teams' Innovations

At Heraeus Medevio, our employees are valued and recognized for their achievements and innovations. We are committed to celebrating our employees and their achievements, showing our gratitude, and recognizing teams and individuals that have made an impact and lived out our company values.

Each year, the Heraeus Medevio Awards recognizes highly engaged, innovative people and teams within the organization and the improvements they bring forth. In addition, projects are considered in an annual, global Heraeus Awards ceremony to share learnings and innovation across businesses.

Supporting Our Communities

Volunteering in our communities is an essential part of the Heraeus Medevio vision.

Volunteering in our communities is an essential part of our vision. Employees at sites across the world are encouraged to give back to their communities through acts of service they are passionate about.

Examples of events our teams have participated in include:

  • Meal packing
  • Tree planting
  • Donation collection
  • Awareness events

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

A commitment to renewable energy, environmental responsibility, and sustainable business practices are central to our vision.

In support of our vision, we are committed to reducing environmental impact.

To fulfill this promise, we have identified a decarbonization commitment: to achieve a 50% reduction in global operational greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2 emissions from buildings and processes, like energy and heat) by 2030 and net zero by 2045.

Each of our global sites has an action plan focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy implementation. For example, as of April 2023, electricity at four of our sites is now supplied 100% by renewable energy from purchased solar and wind power.