For critical patient procedures, medical professionals demand the best. The medical coils they select need to meet and exceed those high standards.

Coated coils

The world’s leading medical device companies turn to Heraeus for innovative solutions to their most complex medical coil challenges. We use patented technology and world-class engineering to produce medical coils for a variety of applications. Every medical coil we design and manufacture will provide the quality, performance and reliability you need to earn the trust of medical professionals…every time.

From design to manufacturing to delivery, Heraeus engineers will collaborate with you to ensure your medical coils meet your specific requirements, including:

  • Critical features
  • Functional requirements
  • Raw material/metal selection
  • Fatigue performance objectives
  • Coil stiffness or flexibility
  • Electrical resistance
  • Testing and quality assurance processes
Drop filar coil

Coil Diameter
Specified by OD. Typically ID is specified as reference or min. Diameter can be variable (tapered).

Wire Options

  • Round wire
  • Flat wire
  • Shaped wire
  • Single filar or multi-filar coils

Pitch Options

  • Tight wound: coil stiffness may be defined; pitch not specified
  • Close wound: minimal/no space between filars
  • Open wound: gap between the filars; pitch is length of 1 filar wrap, measured using the average over 10 wraps
  • Variable pitch: can be varied along the coil to provide varying stiffness

End Cut Options

  • Rough Cut
  • Radial Cut
  • Axial Cut
  • Staggered Cut
  • Square Cut

Multiple technologies for coating wire and coils to improve electrical conductivity, insulation, or mechanical properties such as coil rigidity or lubricity.

  • Metallic Coatings: Any metal or alloy
  • Polymer Coatings: ETFE, PTFE, PFA, Polyurethane, Polyimide or Paralyene

Coil Shaping
Heat setting and cold forming technology to shape your coils into S-shapes, J-shapes or other 3-dimensional shapes.

State-of-the-art laser ablation technology to selectively remove coatings from surface of coated wires and coils, including the coil ID.

Add / Drop Filar
Add or drop filars anywhere along the length of coil.

Multiple technologies to join coils to each other as well as join coils to other components like hypotubes, machined component and wires, including:

  • Laser and resistance welding
  • Soldering and brazing
  • Overmolding
  • Crimping
Medical coiling for active device applications

Cardiac Rhythm Management

  • Lead body coils
  • Electrode coils
  • Active fixation helix electrodes
  • Strain relief coils


  • Neurostimulation conductor coils
  • Lead body coils
  • Stranded coil bodies
Flat wire coil

Earn the trust of demanding medical professionals. Heraeus medical coils deliver superior performance and reliability, helping you earn the trust of medical professionals.

State-of-the-art manufacturing. Our global network of facilities feature the latest precision manufacturing equipment for high-precision forming coiling, winding, grinding and welding.

Experience you can count on…and trust. Patented technology, plus proven expertise in materials, coil winding and subcomponent assembly.

Speed-to-market. We provide rapid prototyping (with dedicated equipment and wire stock) and the engineering support you need to quickly move from prototype to product. Up to 100 coil prototypes can be produced in two weeks or less.