Leading medical device companies demand three things from the electrodes they provide to end-user medical professionals: variety of specifications -- often complex, cost efficiencies, and outstanding quality.


Heraeus designs and manufactures electrodes for a variety of therapies, including cardiac rhythm management, electrophysiology and neuromodulation. Every electrode is designed and produced to meet the most rigorous specifications of each customer. Combining our expertise in materials science, precious metals and precision manufacturing, customers trust Heraeus to deliver electrodes that perform reliably and flawlessly under the most demanding conditions.

The advantage goes beyond the world-class quality of our electrodes. As a vertically integrated supplier, Heraeus can serve as a single source for electrodes and more.

By leveraging our global outsourcing expertise, you can simplify and streamline your supply chain.

Heraeus Electrode Assemblies

Medical Materials Converted into Components

Precious Metals and their Alloys:

  • Pt, Pd, Ir, Au

Refractory Metals and their Alloys:

  • Nb, Ta, W

Non-Precious Metals and their Alloys:

  • Stainless Steel, Titanium, MP35N®*

Pre-Material Fabrication

  • Proper material selection guidance
  • Pre-material fabrication using drawing, cladding, rolling, and profiling
  • Medical grade pre-materials fabricated into wires, tubes, rods/profiles, foils


  • Conductive metal coatings
    • Any metal or alloy
  • Insulating coatings
    • Parylene
  • Ceramic
  • Electro plating of metals
  • Conductive polymers

In House Finishing & Cleaning

Heraeus Electrodes

Cardiac Rhythm Management

  • Ring electrodes
  • Helix and tip electrodes


  • Paddle electrodes
  • Ring electrodes
  • Ribbon electrodes


  • Mapping electrodes
  • Ablation electrodes


  • Ring electrodes
  • Other electrodes
Tip Electrode

Simplify your supply chain. With our vertical integration, Heraeus can be your single supplier solution for electrodes and more.

Your regulatory partner. Our advanced quality system can help you move through regulatory process.

Next-generation innovations. Heraeus constantly develops new technologies that help customers decrease total cost of ownership by improving processes.

The industry’s precious metal experts. Our scientists and engineers are recognized leaders in discovering new ways to improve the performance and biocompatibility of precious metals, materials and special alloys and coatings for our customers’ devices.