Micro components

As complex medical devices need to be miniaturized to reach restricted areas in the human body, the stakes get bigger. Micromachining is more than just producing smaller parts and components…it’s about increasing capabilities and performance.

Micro components

Heraeus has earned a reputation worldwide for its expertise and excellence in micromachining and micro-manufacturing. Our engineering and micromachining teams work with each customer to design and deliver intricate miniature components that deliver exceptional performance.

As one of the world’s leaders in precious metals and materials science, Heraeus is uniquely qualified to provide customers with unmatched innovation in micromachining. By optimizing metals and materials, we can push the tolerance envelope to help our customers create smaller and higher-performing components, assemblies and devices. And our state-of-the-art equipment, technology and micromachining expertise ensures excellence every time.

Laser Machining

Medical materials converted into components

Precious Metals and their Alloys:

  • Pt, Pd, Ir, Au
Refractory Metals and their Alloys:
  • Nb, Ta, W
Non-Precious Metals and their Alloys:
  • Stainless Steel, Titanium, MP35N®*

Pre-material fabrication

  • Proper material selection guidance
  • Pre-material fabrication using drawing, cladding, rolling, and profiling
  • Medical grade pre-materials fabricated into wires, tubes, rods / profiles, foils

State-of-the-art equipment & manufacturing processes

  • Swiss Machining
  • Laser cutting
  • EDM Process
  • Stamping & Forming
  • Sphere manufacturing
  • Wire forming
  • Rivet forming

All micromachining processes are supported by in-house tooling and fixturing.


  • Conductive metal coatings
    • Any metal or alloy
  • Insulating coatings
    • Parylene
  • Ceramic
  • Electro plating of metals
  • Conductive polymers

Cardiac Rhythm Management

  • Ring Electrodes
  • Helix and Tip Electrodes
  • IS1 / IS4 Connector Components
  • Header Connector Components
  • Feedthrough Components
  • Other Components


  • Mapping and Ablation Electrodes and Tips
  • Other Components


  • Paddle Electrodes
  • Ring Electrodes
  • Ribbon Electrodes
  • Other Components

Vascular, Cardiovascular, and Neurovascular

  • Delivery System Components and Assemblies
  • Radiopaque Markers
  • Other Components
Micro Electrode Penny

A partner you can trust. Leading device companies turn to Heraeus because we specialize in micro-precision. When it comes to miniature components and sub-assemblies, the word “impossible” is not in our vocabulary.

State-of-the-art technology. Pre-material fabrication, special machinery, special toolings and special featurings give you unmatched micromachining capabilities.

Value-added services. We offer a broad range of specialized services, including, proprietary in-house coatings, welding, insert molding, soldering, brazing and in-house finishing and cleaning.

Speed-to-market. Heraeus engineering and technical teams can accelerate the product lifecycle process through rapid prototyping, allowing you to quickly move from design to prototype to volume manufacturing.

Operational excellence. The most efficient and capable manufacturing processes available will enable you to optimize cost and quality.