Molded components

Complex medical devices demand precision integration. Parts, materials, and components must be flawlessly integrated to serve the device’s sole purpose: to provide therapy for the patient.

Medical Grade Resins

Heraeus provides best-in-class molding services to provide the component integration needed for device connectivity and performance. Our engineers are industry experts -- they understand each unique customer need and develop integration solutions that bring designs to life in the critical assembly phase.

No assembly challenge is too difficult for Heraeus. With our expertise in metals, implantable materials and polymers, we solve our customers’ most complex molding and integration challenges. With proven expertise in thermoplastics and micro-insert molding, Heraeus provides the expertise you need to engineer reliable molded assemblies for critical lead connections.

Insert molding

The scope of Heraeus' extensive molding engineering services include:

  • Specialize in implant grade resins (biocompatible resin, high-performing)
  • Precision micro-machined components
  • Micro metal insert overmolding
  • Molded proximal connectors for leads
  • Molded distal electrode arrays
  • Integrated molded assemblies with lead bodies
  • Vertical integration for all up or downstream assembly needs

Polymer Processed Materials from Medical Grade to Complex Engineered Resins

  • Biomedical Polyurethane (Elast-Eon®)*
  • Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS - such as Radel®)*
  • Polysulfone (PSU)
  • Polyurethane (TPU - such as Tecothane®)*
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers

*Third party trademark information available at

Stylet assemblies

Serving the active device market, Heraeus understands that meeting your timelines is as critical as providing a high quality component. We succeed through:

  • Advanced project leadership to meet customer deadlines
  • Dedicated product development teams focused on manufacturing assurance from development through validation
  • Commitment to investing in state-of-the-art equipment and automation of statistically controlled processes
  • Seamless integration with our operations team for a scalable manufacturing process

Micro insert- and over-molding expertise sets Heraeus apart especially in these active device applications:

  • Stylets
  • Brady and Tachy lead assemblies
  • Passive and active fixation lead assemblies
  • Stimulation tips
  • Subcutaneous assemblies
  • Paddle assemblies
  • Lead connectors

Therapies include Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), neuromodulation, and cochlear applications.

Lead Assembly

One company, one quality system. Heraeus maintains an unmatched worldwide quality system. Every project, every process and every product is subjected to the most rigorous standards for quality and engineering excellence.

Vertical integration expertise. We bring a 360-degree approach to the unique needs of every customer.

A trusted partner. We protect our customers’ intellectual property with the same rigor we use to protect our own IP.

A full range of services. Customers can count on Heraeus to be an extension of their development and engineering teams. We also offer DFM/design for complete manufacturing capabilities.

Unmatched performance. From design through manufacturing to delivery, every molded component or assembly will meet your high standards and technical requirements for excellence, quality, and reliability.