Pins are more than just connectors. They enable the reliable and vital transfer of energy from the feedthrough assembly of the device to the electrodes at the point of therapy.


Heraeus pins are the preferred choice of leading device manufacturers for feedthrough assemblies in active devices as well as for use as connectors with capacitors and batteries.

Because they are a critical component for helping transmit energy in the device, Heraeus maintains the most rigorous standards for excellence at each step, including design, prototyping, micro-manufacturing, quality testing, compliance and more.

Customers need pins that are extremely accurate in diameter and surface finish. Heraeus utilizes state-of-the-art technology and world-class engineering to deliver pins that meet the most demanding technical specifications.

Along with our renowned expertise in all aspects of medical components, our pin standards are designed to exceed the expectations of our customers in key areas, including:

  • Chemical composition
  • Mechanical properties
  • Surface finish
  • Dimensional compliance
  • Cleanliness
Pin Animation

Pin Manufacturing Core Competencies

  • Wire drawing
  • Grinding
  • Forming
  • Cold heading
  • Etching / pickling
  • Inspection reliability

Coating Technologies

  • PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)
  • Galvanic coating (for gold)
Small Pin

Heraeus pins are used for a variety of device needs, including:

  • Feedthrough assemblies for active devices
  • Connectors for capacitors and batteries
Formed Pin

Meeting the diverse needs of customers. Heraeus can produce pins for virtually any medical device need, such as feedthrough pins, conductive pins, anode pins and cathode pins. Whatever your application, you can rely on our engineering and manufacturing teams to provide you with the pin solution you need.

Prematerial quality assurance. Heraeus is vertically integrated to provide precious metal wire, the prematerial for precious metal pins. Controlling the material and processing from ingot to the end component provides customers with true lifecycle quality. For non precious metal pins we have strong partnerships with key prematerial suppliers.

Metallurgical and materials expertise. Our long history in precious metals and alloying, combined with world-leading manufacturing excellence, results in the highest quality pins, components and solutions for device customers.

Precision manufacturing excellence. Our world class production systems at multiple global sites use a scientific approach to develop process capability, resulting in long term sustainable manufacturing operations. Heraeus pins deliver reliable performance, transmitting energy from the device to the point of therapy.