Precious Metals Management

Heraeus Gold Bars

Our history and extensive expertise is based on precious metals solutions and is a big part of our DNA.

Precious metals expertise is a critical component for your device technologies. With our specialists, Heraeus offers you full precious metals management and services from physical supply to trading, logistics, integrated solutions, and more.

With in-house R&D, precious metals trading, and recycling, we can fill needs most players in the market cannot.

Integrated Solutions

Vertically integrated materials science is fundamental to the success of Heraeus and of you, the customer.

Integrated Solutions

Excellence is expected from Heraeus staff at every stage of engagement with our customers. From concept to distribution we offer collaboration and partnership at the levels you desire.

A full range of manufacturing services and analytical testing technologies and expertise are available to you during your design, validation, bench testing, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Heraeus equipment and services in this area include:

Manufacturing Technologies:

  • Assembly
  • Coating
  • Coiling
  • Machining
  • Metal Forming
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Wire Drawing, Forming, Straightening and Grinding

Laboratory and Testing Technologies:

  • SEM with EDX and GDX
  • Auger surface analysis
  • Metallography
  • XRD spectroscopy
  • Chemical analysis
  • Gas analysis
  • Impedance spectroscopy
  • Cyclovoltametric measurement
  • Mechanical and a wide range of ASTM testing

Precious Metal Pre-Materials

The right pre-formed material for your product -- metallurgic expertise and manufacturing expertise from one source

Precious Metal Pre-Materials

Our scientists understand the behavior of a vast range of materials including precious metals, alloys, composites, ceramics and coatings to produce products for unmatched performance and reliability. This paves the way for our customers to create tomorrow’s technologies.

  • Precious Metal Rods
  • Precious Metal Strips
  • Precious Metal Tubes
  • Precious Metal Wires
  • Clad Wires
  • Composites containing Precious Metals
  • Contact Pins
  • Sensor Wires
  • Specialty Precious Metal Alloy Wires

Physical Precious Metals

Precious metals for the medical device industry – direct from the precious metals specialists

Heraeus Precious Metal Trading
Heraeus Precious Metals Trading

Heraeus is one of the leading suppliers of precious metals worldwide. Our bars are among the most popular investment products when it comes to investments in physical precious metals.

Common precious, refractory, and clad metals used in medical device components, assemblies and devices manufactured by Heraeus Medical Components include:

  • Precious: Pt, PtIr, PtW, PtNi, Pd, Au, Ag
  • Refractory: Ta, Nb
  • Clad: Pt or PtIR over Ta core
  • Variety of precious and refractory alloys

Allow Heraeus material scientists to be an extension of your engineering team to select and/or develop the best material for your product.

Weight Accounts and Global Transfers

Speed and flexibility - the keys to managing your precious metals

Heraeus - Precious metal weight accounts and global transfers

A weight account at Heraeus allows you to benefit from our global network: Your precious metals are available around the world! Using precious metal transfers makes it easy to transfer your weight account assets or receive assets from others. It makes no difference whether the transfer takes place within Heraeus or to other market participants, such as for further processing. Simply use our web-based transfer tool.

Of course, you can also have your assets delivered physically at any time in a variety of forms. Heraeus manages all of the logistics no matter your location.

All services from a single source – expertise throughout the precious metals cycle

If you have set up a weight account with us, you are already familiar with certain advantages of our services. But we can do even more for you.

Our expertise extends throughout the precious metals cycle: We attend to the physical procurement of all precious metals, from gold and silver through platinum and palladium to rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium. Thanks to our hedging and financing models, we minimize your price risks and help you reduce your working capital. Furthermore, we offer you a broad portfolio of precious metals products. Finally, we can recycle and refine precious metals from a wide variety of starting materials – and provide logistics and waste management. We have expertise along the entire chain.

Precious Metals Financing and Risk Management

Do you need planning certainty for your own price calculations, preferably with firm precious metals prices? Then you've come to the right place

Risk Management

Guaranteed price stability and planning security

We offer you a price hedging model tailored to your specific needs, for each precious metal. Whether for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, or iridium – our experts will identify the right hedging solution for your business across various transaction types (e.g., cash transaction, swap, or limit order). When you order products containing precious metals from Heraeus, the production costs can be completely fixed along with the product units. We can offer you full flexibility when you order your precious metal quantities within a defined period of time. Using these instruments, which have won accolades from our customers, we develop a fixed calculation basis for your products. This is particularly important when your customers also want stable and reliable prices.

We help you gain greater planning security while minimizing your price risks. We have a price hedging model that is right for you. Please contact us!

Precious metal borrowing

In addition to price hedging, we offer customers who order products from us the option of financing their precious metals purchases with loans. This is a very simple way to cover you if, for example, a demand for additional precious metal arises at the same time as your new lot of medical wire is being manufactured. With our support, you can optimize your working capital.

Precious Metal Recycling

Recycling makes a considerable contribution to protecting the environment. Recycling means sustainability, because raw material resources will not last forever. And recycling means real money, because precious metals are too valuable to waste.

Precious Metal Recycling

As specialists in the processing of materials containing precious metals, we recover your assets as quickly as possible, with the utmost transparency and maximal yield. And we have even more to offer you. As a leading player with decades of experience, we provide many extras, such as expert logistics and professional waste management. Our core technological competencies lie in the following areas:

  • Thermal pretreatment of materials and catalysts containing precious metals
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Precious metals recycling processes
  • Logistics and waste management

Recovering precious metals – a job for specialists

Precious metal recycling involves a wide variety of starting materials. Recovering them likewise requires a wide variety of specialized expertise – and not just technological expertise. Precious metals are found all over the world and must be transported to a recycling partner. The goal is to make them available for reuse in the production process as quickly as possible – preferably even parallel to recycling. Above all, the yield should be maximized and sampling should be trustworthy and transparent.

Our advantages for you:

  • Global locations
  • Complete precious metals cycle along the value creation chain
  • Local representatives in every major region for optimal logistics
  • High creditworthiness
  • Offers a wide variety of materials
  • Complete transparency in sampling
  • Expertise in matters relating to waste
  • The latest technologies

Precious Metals Waste Management and Logistics

As a customer recycling precious metals from waste, you have one main goal: An uncomplicated process that you can trust to make your precious metal available again quickly.

Precious metals waste management and logistics

Often, however, this is more easily said than done. The movement of precious metal wastes is subject to many statutory regulations (waste regulations, transport regulations) that must be taken into account before and during transport. This is especially true when moving the material across borders, which often requires a great deal of expertise and many years of experience.
Let us help you!

With a standardized evaluation, we can develop the best logistical solution and processing method for you in advance. We will guide you through the whole process.

If requested, we will analyze your recycling material. Once the contents are known, we can classify them according to the regulations and work with you to determine an individualized processing plan, thereby saving you time and money. Our experts know what you are doing and work to ensure that your materials are handled in compliance with all applicable regulations, giving you legal certainty. Please contact us!

Our services for you

With authorization to handle a wide variety of waste codes, we are the right partner for your needs. You can expect the following services from us:

  • Technical service
  • Waste management
  • Logistics / Transportation