Delicate pacing, defibrillation and neurological procedures require pin-point precision. Medical professionals need to know that the stylet they have chosen will fulfill its vital purpose: to deliver the implantable leads safely and reliably. Every time.


Medical Device companies entrust their stylet production to Heraeus because of the consistency and unmatched quality that leading medical device professionals depend on. Heraeus is the industry’s trusted market leader of CRM and neuromodulation stylets.

With unmatched industry expertise, Heraeus is uniquely qualified to deliver the most cost-effective stylets and solutions for customers around the world. We combine our unparalleled experience in materials science, engineering, precision manufacturing and global supply chain management to produce stylets that set the industry standard for quality, performance and reliability. From design to molding to wire forming to delivery, Heraeus stylets will always meet your requirements for performance, quality and value.

Heraeus has sites around the world to serve your needs. Our unique automated manufacturing processes provide the capacity to meet low-volume and high-volume demands. We offer full assembly of bulk stylets and stylets provided in hoops or rings, based on your specific needs and configuration.

Ball Tip Stylet

Wire processing for consistency, flexibility and control

  • Multiple material options including: 304 and 316 series Stainless Steel and Tungsten
  • Heraeus’ proprietary straightening process removes internal material stress to provide uniform consistency from wire lot to wire lot
  • Precision centerless grinding provides the required distal taper flexibility or stiffness
  • Distal tip design of radius or a ball provides response and safety
  • End forming utilizes a proprietary cold forming process, a heat setting process, or a combination of both; available in most common “J” shape or other shapes

Polymer handles allow quick assembly and flexible combinations
Design options afford many marking and color options including:

  • Laser marked, stamped or Inked and letter or number markings
  • Custom colors available upon request

Polymer rings for hooping
Process options include:

  • Polymer material: PTFE, Polypropylene, HDPE, etc.
  • Packaging tube: diameter (inner and outer), length, clip design
  • Inner and outer diameter of ring after assembly
  • Number of stylet entry holes per ring
  • Packaging configurations are available per request
Stylet Hoop

Heraeus stylets are used to implant stimulation leads for the following procedures:

  • Pacing
  • Defibrillation
  • Neuromodulation
Stylet J Tip

Lead reliability and performance. Heraeus combines our expertise in materials science and high-precision manufacturing to design and produce stylets that perform flawlessly in a variety of critical care procedures.

Trust the medical wire experts. From design to production, Heraeus has earned a global reputation for innovation, expertise and manufacturing excellence. We have the experience to handle the details and deadlines of your most demanding requirements.

Manufacturing precision. Heraeus utilizes state-of-the-art machinery and reliable automation to consistently make millions of parts per year the same way…every time.

Setting new standards for operational excellence. Heraeus uses every available tool and technology to make our customers more competitive. We employ dedicated lean practices to support high volume inventory turns for high mix part numbers.

Please contact Heraeus to discuss your stylet needs.