Torque Coils

As surgical procedures become less invasive and smaller in scope, medical professionals require greater control, precision and performance in the devices and delivery systems used in those procedures. Torque coils with greater flexibility and higher torque ratios are vital for surgeons performing delicate and demanding procedures.

Torque Coil Flexibility

Heraeus uses patented technology and world-class engineering to produce torque coils that can be customized for a variety of applications. Every torque coil offers uncompromising flexibility and torque transmission, including customizable wall thickness and a high 1:1 torque ratio. The result is higher quality performance for a variety of procedures, including CRM and Neuromodulation delivery systems (minimal whipping, 1:1 torque ratio, and pushability).

Torque Coils

Built for Performance

  • Heraeus BiFlex® and TriFlex® coils offer unique customizable designs that deliver high torque transfer while maintaining flexibility and 1:1 positioning even at high rotational speeds.
  • BiFlex®, 2-layer coil, single directional torque response
  • TriFlex®, 3-Layer coil, dual directional torque response

Torque Coil Design Considerations

  • Torque transmission
  • Proximal to distal positioning
  • Flexibility requirements
  • Anatomical delivery requirements

Uncompromising Torque Response, Flexibility and Control

  • Precise 1:1 torque response
  • Instant unidirectional or bidirectional torque transmission
  • High flexibility, high torque transmission
  • Customizable outer and inner diameter (OD and ID)
Torque Coil

Heraeus torque coils provide unsurpassed flexibility and torqueability for delivery systems in multiple active device markets including:

  • Cardiac Rhythm Management
  • Neuromodulation
  • Cochlear
Torque Coils

Experience you can count on…and trust. Patented technology, plus proven expertise in materials, coil winding and subcomponent assembly.

Customizable for a variety of outputs. Heraeus engineers will work with you to develop a custom torque coil solution to meet your demanding application.

Thin-walled design saves space. Customizable wall thickness for an overall diameter that meets your requirements.

Performance, flexibility and control. A 1:1 torque ratio provides superior precision.

Meets the demanding needs of healthcare providers. Safer procedures, precise location and imaging.

Speed-to-market. We provide rapid prototyping (with dedicated equipment and wire stock) and the engineering support you need to quickly move from prototype to product.