Flexible Catheter Shafts

Laser cut nitinol stent for medical devices

When it comes to flexible catheter shafts, Heraeus understands the importance of customizing a solution to your specific project needs. Leverage our engineer's experience with a variety of patterns that can provide varying degrees of flexibility and strength in hypotube shaft components for a broad range of catheters and other minimal-access medical devices.

Flexible Catheter Shaft Design, Development, and Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Continuous spiral patterns (laser-cut coils)
  • Interrupted spirals
  • Interlocking spirals
  • Hinged patterns (limited degrees of freedom)
  • Choice of laser-cutting pattern depends on design requirements, such as bend radius, axial and torsional strength, fatigue cycling, material properties, and hypotube size
  • We can assist with Design For Manufacturability (DFM) review, and with quick-turn prototyping to facilitate design testing