With clinical applications like vascular access, cardiology, peripheral vasculature, gastroenterology, endourology and neurovascular applications, every procedure comes down to a single moment of truth: reaching the treatment zone. That is why so much rides on the quality of your guidewire…because if you can’t reach it, you can’t treat it.


As a guidewire leader and innovator, Heraeus provides customers with fully integrated, turnkey solutions that enhance clinical performance and improve supply chain management. We supply guidewires, components and wire based medical devices across the complete lifecycle, including design, product development, Regulatory Affairs and manufacturing.

The advantage is experience: many of our employees have come from other medical device companies, giving us deep understanding into the needs of our customers. Combined with our network of physician consultants, we thoroughly understand the clinical applications, how the devices are used and our customers’ requirements to provide unmatched insight into every development program. And we use those insights to discover innovative, cost-effective solutions to a variety of clinical guidewires requirements.

Guidewire Tip

Integrated In-House Process Capabilities

  • Guidewire manufacturing processes are tailored to the specific needs for your product.

State-of-the-Art In-house Manufacturing Technologies

  • Superelastic wire straightening
  • Core grinding
  • Flattening/annealing
  • Coatings: hydrophilic, ptfe
  • Joining: solder, welding, adhesive
  • Surface finishes: electropolishing, depth markers
  • Precision coil-winding
  • Packaging: hooped/pouched/sterile/labeled as well as bulk non-sterile options
  • Polymer reflow: full-length jackets, distal tips

Heraeus Material Expertise
Guidewire material options include:

  • Stainless Steel (core, coil)
  • Binary Nitinol (core)
  • Proprietary Triton® (core)
  • Platinum and Palladium (coil)
  • Bimetal (S/S proximal & Triton® distal) (core)
  • Tungsten, Gold-Plated Tungsten (coil)
  • Range of Polymers (distal tip/distal tip radiopacity)

Full Range of Product Performance Testing in Our State-of-the-Art R&D Lab:

  • Tensile (all joints)
  • Torque strength (turns to failure)
  • Torqueability
  • Fracture test (ISO 11070)
  • Fatigue resistance & reverse bend
  • Tip load/buckling
  • Trackability
  • Rail support & lateral tip stiffness
  • Tip shape retention
  • Prolapse resistance
  • Lubricity & durability testing
  • Three-point bend test

Heraeus produces guidewires for a broad range of procedures and treatments, including:

  • Interventional cardiology
  • Interventional radiology
  • Endovascular
  • Infusion therapy
  • Vascular access
  • Interventional neuroradiology
  • Urology/endourology
  • Gastroenterology

State-of-the-art facilities. Heraeus provides advanced turnkey guidewire solutions via FDA registered, ISO certified manufacturing locations in the United States and Costa Rica.

Our regulatory experience can clear the path. With 13 510(k)s and several product lines with CE mark, our regulatory staff is equipped to cover the stringent regulatory requirements of finished guidewire manufacturing.

Accelerating your speed-to-market. Our in-house advanced prototyping and product performance testing shortens prototyping cycles.

Your bottom line is a top priority. Heraeus recognizes the challenges our customers face in today’s cost-pressured healthcare environment. We work closely with every customer to develop and deliver cost-effective guidewire solutions while maintaining the highest standards for quality, reliability and performance.

Product development through flexible partnerships. Our collaborative approach offers many options, including contract manufacturing, private label or co-development. Whatever option you select, you will leverage our clinical insights via a strong medical advisory group and an experienced, diverse engineering team.

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