Heraeus Photovoltaics launches customer initiative to make Indian Photovoltaics Industry a world leader

HANAU, Germany - September 20, 2017

Heraeus Photovoltaics, the globally leading provider of technology solutions for the renewable energy industry has launched major local customer initiatives to support an efficiency boost of the Indian Photovoltaic industry and make the industry a world leader.

With the establishment of dedicated local sales team in India, Heraeus will intensify its customer relationship and provide secure supply chain to its customers. Heraeus will also establish dedicated resources in its Engineering & Technology Center in Singapore, to better tailor and further speed up customization of silver pastes for Indian cell manufacturers.

Furthermore, Heraeus will offer its industry recognized cell optimization consulting to its Indian customers. The cell optimization consultancy aims to provide world class technical expertise to Indian manufacturers so that they can compete with the best in the world and turn the “Make In India” vision to reality.

Heraeus is the world’s leading company in silver metallization paste and the only company in its industry offering products for all solar cell architectures and photovoltaic technologies, ranging from n-type, black silicon and PERC to double printing and knotless screen. Heraeus Photovoltaics holds several efficiency records in these technologies and is constantly increasing the efficiencies of its products with photovoltaic experts in its five R&D centers all around the world.

India’s government has determined the energy sector as one of their main focus in the next 15 years plan. Energy will be one of the driving forces for the country’s objective to build a modern industrialized economy, to develop its rural areas and to triple its GDP by 2035. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announced the goal to boost photovoltaic installations from currently 12.5 gigawatts (GW) to 100 GW by 2022. This corresponds to the capacity of around 100 nuclear power plants in just over five years. India’s long term goal by 2040 is to achieve 340 GW by renewable energies, nearly four times as much of current global PV installations in the whole year of 2017 (estimated 95 GW).

Heraeus exhibits its full range of products and services at the Renewable Energy Expo India 2017 from September 20-22nd at the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida.

“Energy production from Photovoltaic is already the cheapest way to produce electricity in the world and the prices will continue to decrease. Photovoltaics thus offers great opportunities for India to help solving the very strong growth in energy demand,” said Andreas Liebheit, President of Heraeus Photovoltaics. “This however requires a good and technologically leading partner for the Indian solar market. Heraeus is convinced that it can be this partner. We are very focused on the needs of our Indian customers,” Liebheit continued.

Energy demand in India is set to grow very strongly by 4.2% per year and thus double until 2035. That’s faster than that of all major economies in the world. With more than 2,800 hours of sunshine annually, more than 300 sunny days a year and average 1.9 kWh/m² global radiation, solar power has an incredibly high potential for India’s efficiency performance.