Photovoltaics launched the latest line of high-performance SOL 8 Sieries Silver Pastes

SHANGHAI, China- June 2nd, 2021

Heraeus Photovoltaics, a leading supplier of metallization solutions to the PV industry, has introduced its next generation of metallization pastes to help cell manufacturers achieve new levels of efficiency and performance-to-price ratios.

SNEC new SOL8 series silver pastes

SOL 9681 Series

The SOL9681 Series is perfectly tailored for Ultra-fine-line printability for screen printing. It supports a finger geometry that can print defect-free through a less than 18 μm screen opening in mass production. Continued innovation from last generation, SOL9681 Series features a unique glass frit and silver combination, enabling the better contact performance and emitter protection. 

SOL9681 Series product features

  • Ultra-fine line screen printing down to 15um
  • Wide contact window and suitable for high SE
  • Compatible with Single and Dual printing
  • Low J0, metal to ensure superior Voc
  • Excellent resistance to acetic acid

SOL 6700 Pro

SOL6700 Pro is designed to maximize the protection of the dielectric layer of cells from damage during metallization thus contributing to reduce electron recombination and improving Voc. SOL6700 Pro contains a specific glass chemistry to offer excellent adhesion and wide solderability.?

SOL6700 Pro product features

  • Designed for Dual Printing with low laydown
  • Excellent adhesion and wide soldering window
  • Less reactivity into the passivation SiNx and AIOx/SiNx
  • Betetr printability and fine line performance

SOL 9390 Pro

Heraeus’ SOL9390 Pro Series is our newest front-side metallization pastes for n-type cell designs with p+ emitter surfaces. Test results show that SOL9390 Pro Series has significant improvement in cell Voc while maintaining or improving FF characteristics comparing to Last generation. 

SOL9390 Pro product features

  • Ultra-Fine-Line screen printing
  • Better contact resistivity for high Rsheet
  • Low metal induced recombination leading to higher Voc
  • Wider firing window
  • Compatible with different AIOx thickness

SOL 7300 Pro

The SOL7300 Pro series feature a unique glass chemistry which enables low firing temperatures. It is key to achieve very high Voc on TOPCon cell. Meanwhile, the contact properties of this paste are such that even when fired at lower temperatures, excellent specific contact resistivity is achieved.

SOL7300Pro product features

  • Very low metal induced recombination leading to higher Voc
  • Support ultra-thin poly layer
  • Excellent contact resistivity is achieved evern fired at lower temperatures
  • Higher green strength
  • Lower firing temperature

SOL 590 Pro

The SOL590 Pro features a unique silver chemistry, which allows for improved resistivity values which resulting in better contact performance. The SOL590 Pro is perfectly tailored for fine-line printability for screen printing, it can support to print defect-free through a less than 30 um screen opening in mass production.

SOL590 Pro product features

  • Better contact to boost Efficiency gain​
  • Excellent resistivity values with low curing temperature
  • Lower paste consumption​
  • Fine-line screen printing for mass production​
  • Available for ITO and IWO