Heraeus Photovoltaics celebrates 10 years of PV success in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan - September 19, 2018

  • Company will continue to invest in this critical market to continue the advancement of solar energy
Solar Cells

Heraeus Photovoltaics, a leading technology solution provider for the renewable energy industry, today marked an important milestone with its ten year anniversary in Taiwan. Today, Heraeus Photovoltaics operates in all of the world’s leading renewable energy markets in Asia, Europe and North America, encompassing cutting-edge research and development labs as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Its growth in Taiwan helped it establish a market-leading position throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2008, Heraeus opened its office in Taipei and began sampling its back-side silver paste with Taiwan customers, followed by front-side paste sampling the following year. The company’s technical service lab was opened in 2010 to provide closer collaboration with Taiwan cell and module manufacturers. A production line for back-side paste was launched in 2012, and a front-side production line was launched in 2015.

Among the company’s most important Taiwan milestones are its growth in paste production to meet the region’s increasing adoption of solar energy. These manufacturing milestones include:

  • 2011 – Record height of annual sales volume of 161 tons
  • 2013 – Sales volume of 500 tons reached
  • 2016 – PERC back-side paste sales volume reaches 10 tons
  • 2017 – Over 100 tons of front-side paste produced locally in Taiwan

Taiwan plays an increasingly important role in promoting the development of photovoltaics technology worldwide. With the government seeking to boost solar energy output to 1.52 gigawatt (GW) by 2020 and 20GW by 2025, Taiwan’s solar industry is expected achieve a steady growth. Additionally, the photovoltaics industry continues to enjoy strong government support, which sees broader adoption of solar energy as part of its national energy strategy.

Albert Lu, General Manager and Head of Global Strategy and Applications Development for Heraeus Photovoltaics, said, “We make specialty conductive pastes and other products and solutions for the photovoltaics industry, but our true business is the growth and worldwide adoption of renewable energy. Our ten years of achievements and progress in Taiwan has played a major role in our global growth. By continuing to invest in the Taiwan market, we are excited about the potential solar breakthroughs we expect to see in the next decade.”