Paste Customization - creating customized paste solutions for screen-printed metallization of crystalline silicon solar cells

The Photovoltaics industry is a highly dynamic market environment: technologies are enhanced permanently to further increase the efficiency of solar modules. Each solar cell producer has a unique cell design and manufacturing process. By modifying the customization pastes for the customers´ individual manufacturing process, optimum results are ensured.

Paste Modification Service

Silver paste is one of the highest cost factor within a solar cell production. To reduce these silver costs customers want to use less silver paste for each solar cell as possible. Further, it is the challenge to reduce electricity waste by reducing metallization contact resistance on the one hand and to increase the electricity power output on the other hand. Heraeus provides their customers leading-edge materials that help increasing the efficiency of cells and modules and, at the same time, optimizing their cost per Wp.

In order to optimize the individual manufacturing process and to align the differentiation of key features, paste customization laboratories in China (Shanghai) Innovation Center, China Taiwan (Taoyuan), Japan (Tokyo), also Technology Center (Singapore) allow customer-specific paste customizations.

Our paste customization laboratories has state-of-the-art laboratories that support optimization of the application at our customer partners, for example the number of finger lines, line width and shape or the number of busbars. To replicate the customers’ metallization processes and to analyze the concrete formulation needs, the technical service centers are also equipped to print and fire wafers using a variety of equipment. Further, there is a comprehensive set of characterization equipment available that allows to test all relevant parameters of a finished cell. So that kind of customized service can find the best match between paste formulation and customer requirement, which can maximize the full potential of both paste and customer process - optimal results are ensured!