Hecaro® - Electrically Conductive Adhesive
for PV module manufacturing

Bring down your module costs and keep your module reliability up!
Our newly developed Electrically Conductive Adhesive (ECA), Hecaro® for cell interconnection meets module manufacturers’ needs of a pure silver, cost-effective, fast curing and screen-printable material for reliable cutting-edge high efficiency PV modules.

Hecaro® Series provide solutions for all current cell and module concepts. It can be applied in the production of shingled PV modules, interconnecting HJT and IBC cells and enables the replacement of soldering processes in conventional PV modules.

Despite its low silver content, Hecaro® reaches highest conductivities by using a unique set of pure Ag particles. Short curing time and excellent long-term printability allow for high-throughput processing.

Your benefits – Our strengths:

Heraeus Hecaro® supports your production of high efficiency solar modules with improved long-term reliability at low manufacturing costs.

  • Corrosion free due to pure silver particles
  • Solvent free (no exhaust necessary)
  • Long pot-life (48h)
  • Stable long-term printability
  • Easy rework procedure (high production yields)
  • Proven reliability (TC1000 and DH3000 passed)

Applications and Advantages

Increased shingled module power

For shingled cell modules

  • +5 % module power gain
  • No ribbon required
Cell interconnection/busbar replacement

For cell interconnection/
busbar replacement

  • Higher reliability
  • Solder-free technology
Electrically conductive adhesive for back contact solar cells

For back contact solar cells

  • No shading
  • Enabling high-efficiency module concepts