High Performance Coatings

Profit from Aerosol Deposition (AD) - a revolutionary coating process for a wide range of applications

Aerosol Deposition enables the formation of unique metal and ceramic coatings at room temperature on all types of material surfaces. Heraeus High Performance Coatings accompanies customers all the way from initial feasibility study to introducing this new process into series production.

Aerosol Deposition doubles application temperature of friction shims

Aerosol Deposition doubles application temperature of friction shims

Hanau, Aug. 9, 2022 - Ceramic coatings can be produced economically using the aerosol deposition coating method. For the first time, this enables nickel-phosphorus-free friction shims for application temperatures of up to 700° C.

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Aerosol Deposition Equipment at Heraeus

Aerosol deposition from Heraeus accelerates development of antiseptic coatings

Hanau, March 8, 2022 - EOS Biomaterials Incorporated relies on Heraeus R&D equipment to develop coatings for the medical market. The company’s technology can be used for surgical implants and wound treatment.

"With our own aerosol deposition machine, we will be able to test and optimize new materials and material combinations in even shorter cycles in the future," says Mr. Lee, Chairman of EOS Biomaterials Incorporated.

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Protective layer for high temperature sensors

Improved High-Temperature Sensor Accuracy and Performance Stability using Aerosol Deposition

High temperature sensors are coated with a protective layer to secure performance. By coating them with α-Al2O3 using aerosol deposition long term stability is improved and measurement accuracy increased over the life span of the sensor.

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