Neodymium purchase: Become a supplier of magnets

For the reprocessing of NdFeB permanent magnets we are always looking for new suppliers. If end-of-life magnets or production scrap is caused in your company, Heraeus Remloy is a reliable and long-term partner and purchaser. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in a cooperation.

Benefits for supplier

  • A long-term and reliable partner for the purchase of your end-of-life magnets.
  • You profit from recycling your end-of-life magnets at prices in line with the market.
  • It is your contribution to recycle the raw material in an environmentally friendly way according to EU guidelines.
  • You contribute to the European circular economy.

Our partnership promise: We want to become a leading rare earth magnet recycling company. To achieve this, we are pursuing a long-term vision. We want to develop and grow together with our business partners to achieve this.

Possible permanent magnets we are looking for

We are looking for suppliers who can supply NdFeB magnets. Each magnet must have a minimum weight of two grams. There is no upper weight limit. If you are not sure what type of magnet it is, you can contact us. Our experts will be glad to help you determine.

We are not looking for SmCo, ferrite or AlNiCo magnets. In addition, plastic-bonded magnets are not suitable for our reprocessing process.

Where to find rare earth magnets for reprocessing?

Permanent magnets are found in many different devices and products. In particular, old wind turbines, MRI equipment, electric motors and hard drives have neodymium magnets that are suitable for reprocessing.

 Learn more about where permanent magnets are installed and how to recognise them.

What prices are we paying for your end-of-life magnets?

  • Market price: We compensate fairly and transparently and pay you the current market price for neodymium.
  • Price fixation: As the market price for neodymium can fluctuate strongly, we offer you the security of a short- to medium-term price fixation.