Increase Energy Density for Batteries

The need for improved electrochemical energy systems for evolving applications like electro mobility and grid storage from renewable energies calls for new innovative materials that can overcome the limitations of standard systems.

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Porocarb® Synthetic Porous Carbons

Join the Next Generation of Carbon Functional Additives

Porocarb® is a product family of synthetic porous carbon powders tailored specifically for demanding electrochemical applications in which the needs for a designed porosity intersect good kinetic accessibility.

Heraeus Porocarb® is defining a new generation of advanced electrode additives for batteries. With its designed, well-defined internal porosity, Porocarb® is the first conductive additive that not only ensures electronic connectivity within the electrode, but also enhances ionic conductivity. Even at highest levels of electrode compression and loading, Porocarb® ascertains open pathways within the electrode that help with electrolyte supply and distribution during filling and operation.

Porocarb® porous carbon powders enable advanced electrochemical systems which were previously not achievable using standard carbon conductive additives.

Porocarb® - Carbon Functional Additives for Lithium-Ion Batteries

In order to increase the cell level energy density, inactive materials need to be minimized in batteries and cells. Increasing the thickness of electrodes is one method of reducing inactive materials such as current collector, but it further drives the problems of transport of mass and charge and requires a highly engineered porosity.

The addition of Heraeus Porocarb® maintains the ionic pathways and electrolyte supply at high electrode loadings and at high press densities. The interconnected network of pores allows for fast electrolyte penetration into the bulk of the electrode compared to electrodes containing conventional conductive additives.

Advantages of Heraeus Porocarb® :

Porocarb® enables energy-cell like loadings for power-oriented electrodes.
Porocarb® enables energy-cell like loadings for power-oriented electrodes.
  • Enhanced performance of high-energy electrodes
  • Up to 20% capacity increase for (high) energy electrodes at constant power in the range of 1 to 4 C

For all our synthetic grades, we can offer a variety of customized post treatments in order to meet your system’s requirements such as graphitization, particle sizing, surface treatments and more.

Porocarb® Porosity

SEM picture of a Porocarb® particle shows the unique pore structure.