Porocarb® - Boost your battery performance with our tailored carbon additives

Porocarb® - Enhance your battery with our customizable carbon additives

Our synthetic conductive carbon additives address various energy storage systems, in particular Lithium-Ion Batteries and Fuel Cells. Until now, the design of these systems was limited by the available conductive carbon material options. Imagine a functional carbon material that is designed to exactly fit the application: This is exactly where Porocarb® comes into play.

Benefit from the first scaled synthetic carbon-platform.

Benefit from the first scaled synthetic and macro-porous carbon-platform

The single particles of Porocarb® have well defined macro-pores forming an open, interconnected and mechanically stable network tuned to the application.

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Porocarb® for high energy applications

High energy batteries require higher energy density to meet customer expectations in evolving electro mobility applications.

Our „High Energy“ Porocarb® grades are designed to address the real driving range challenges faced by Automotive OEMs. Porocarb® improves the conductive network and ion mobility and is a driving range enabler.

Porocarb® for high energy applications

Porocarb® for high-power applications

High-power battery applications face the challenge of low energy output and early temperature cut-off

Our “High-Power” Porocarb® grades keep the cell heating to a minimum and allow longer discharge times while improving the cycle life of the battery. This can also benefit hybrid electric vehicles.

Porocarb® for high-power applications