Porocarb® - Boost your battery performance with our tailored carbon additives

Porocarb® - Enhance your battery with our customizable carbon additives

Our synthetic conductive carbon additives address various energy storage systems, in particular Lithium-Ion Batteries and Fuel Cells. Until now, the design of these systems was limited by the available conductive carbon material options. Imagine a functional carbon material that is designed to exactly fit the application: This is exactly where Porocarb® comes into play.


Battery Expert Forum Moritz Hantel

Review of the Battery Experts Forum

Frankfurt, Germany - July 2022

We are pleased to have been part of this year's battery experts forum. View our presentation .

Here are our key learnings from the three days:

  • EV battery market to grow by 29% annually reaching 3.750 GWh in 2030 - which are already much higher numbers as those presented at the AABC in June
  • Chinese cell manufacturers increasing market share
  • LFP usage increasing worldwide, but still single-digit usage outside China
  • $/kWh increasing, if “greenflation” persists it might increase up to 143$/kWh
  • Cylindrical cells face the challenge of increased temperature
Case Study

Case Study: How Porocarb® improves the heat dissipation

High-power battery applications face the challenge of low energy output and unsatisfying thermal behavior, e.g. due to temperature cut-off at high power. The performance carbon additive Porocarb® can solve this challenge by enhancing locally the ionic conductivity and improving the thermal behavior of the electrode.

Download case study on cell level heat dissipation in batteries

More about Porocarb ®

Benefit from the first scaled synthetic carbon-platform.

Benefit from the first scaled synthetic and macro-porous carbon-platform

The single particles of Porocarb® have well defined macro-pores forming an open, interconnected and mechanically stable network tuned to the application.

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Porocarb® for high energy applications

High energy batteries require higher energy density to meet customer expectations in evolving electro mobility applications.

Our „High Energy“ Porocarb® grades are designed to address the real driving range challenges faced by Automotive OEMs. Porocarb® improves the conductive network and ion mobility and is a driving range enabler.

Porocarb® for high energy applications

Porocarb® for high-power applications

High-power battery applications face the challenge of low energy output and early temperature cut-off

Our “High-Power” Porocarb® grades keep the cell heating to a minimum and allow longer discharge times while improving the cycle life of the battery. This can also benefit hybrid electric vehicles.

Porocarb® for high-power applications

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