Porocarb® Synthetic Porous Carbons

Join the Next Generation of Carbon Functional Additives

Porocarb® is a product family of synthetic porous carbon powders tailored specifically for demanding electrochemical applications in which the needs for a designed porosity intersect good kinetic accessibility.

Heraeus Porocarb® is defining a new generation of advanced electrode additives for batteries. With its designed, well-defined internal porosity, Porocarb® is the first conductive additive that not only ensures electronic connectivity within the electrode, but also enhances ionic conductivity. Even at highest levels of electrode compression and loading, Porocarb® ascertains open pathways within the electrode that help with electrolyte supply and distribution during filling and operation.

Porocarb® porous carbon powders enable advanced electrochemical systems which were previously not achievable using standard carbon conductive additives.

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