Porocarb® Lead - Carbon Functional Additives for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries

Heraeus Porocarb® Lead defines a new generation of advanced electrode additives for lead-acid batteries. Due to novel usage scenarios in applications like automotive, electric scooter, material handling systems and for backup storage applications, modern lead-acid batteries have to fulfil additional requirements (e.g. start-stop functionality).

With its designed and well-defined internal porosity, Heraeus Porocarb® Lead is the first conductive additive that not only ensures electronic connectivity and nucleation within the electrode, but also enhances ionic conductivity and confinement of discharge products.

Heraeus Porocarb® Lead functional carbon additives have proven to be ideal for use in advanced lead-acid batteries for Start-Stop applications.

  • Increases charge acceptance by up to 123% and enables quick recharging in advanced lead-acid batteries for brake energy recovery
  • Increases endurance cycle life by up to 100% for a longer lifetime of electrical power systems
  • +48% more capacity at deep discharge operations for longer power supply in industrial and automotive applications

Further Porocarb® Lead benefits are

  • Dust-free process due to micro sized particles
  • Excellent wettability in aqueous electrolytes
  • No aggregation and can be easy dispersed
  • Enhances diffusion in conversion electrodes
  • Maintains open porosity in negative anode

Technical Data

Typical Material Properties Method Porocarb® Lead 650 Porocarb® Lead 5560
Surface Area (BET)
ISO 9277:10 44-60 450-550
Oil Absorption Number
ASTM D2414-13a 90-12 260-290 *
Tapped Bulk Density
ASTM D6393 (2008) 0.40 0.16
D50 Particle Size
Heraeus Test Method 55-65 50-60

*Higher OAN due to large internal pore volume

Available in two different grades, Porocarb® Lead, with its high amount of meso- and macro-pores, maintains an open porosity even after long cycle life and deep discharge.

The unique pore structure, comprising fully interconnected meso- and macro pores, is excellent for improving diffusion-controlled reactions in conversion electrode systems.

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