Porocarb® Lithium-Sulfur Batteries - Hierarchical porous carbon host structure for sulfur-electrodes

Heraeus Porocarb® is an electrochemically inert carbon with tunable specific surface area and pore size distribution that can be used as host structure for sulfur-electrodes. The sulfur infiltrates the internal porosity of Porocarb® with intimidate contact to the electrical conductive carbon walls. The hierarchical pore structure inhibits the polysulfide shuttle.

Typical Material Properties Method Porocarb® LionS 4010
Surface Area (BET)
ISO 9277:10 400-440
Oil Absorption Number
ASTM D2414-13a 190-210
Tapped Bulk Density
ASTM D6393 (2008) 0.80

If you are interested in using Porocarb® for this application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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