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Heraeus provides advanced solutions, new products and professional answers all around ion-transport enhancing additives for rechargeable batteries.

Heraeus attends the Asian Battery Conference (17ABC) and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

Conference takes place September 19-22, 2017 with a presentation of our professional Dr. Dominik Samuelis

In addition we will have Booth 51&59 on the exhibition from September 21-22, 2017.

Take the oppertunitiy to get in touch with us via email or on ABC.

Improving Electric/Hybrid Car Battery Performance with Heraeus Porocarb

Heraeus is the global leader in functional carbon additives. Porocarb®, unlike standard off-the-shelf carbon conductive additives, is a game-changer that can significantly improve electrochemical systems and deliver a lot of benefits to you. We are the sole producers of functional carbon additives capable of increasing the energy density of batteries by 20 % without any reduction in output power.

Please contact us, for the presentation material.

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