InterBattery Europe, 14-16 June, 2023

InterBattery is Korea’s leading battery exhibition. In 2023 it is now expanding across the world. The first edition of InterBattery Europe takes place in Munich.


Key take aways

The InterBattery was part of the ees Europe 2023, Europe's largest trade fair for batteries and energy storage systems. With over 500 exhibitors demonstrating cutting-edge battery technologies and sustainable solutions for renewable energy storage across multiple exhibition halls, the event highlighted the rapid advancements in the industry. Heraeus Battery Technology had the privilege to participate and present at the Interbattery Showcase, alongside more than 50 leading Korean and European battery industries, fostering valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. Here are some key highlights and insights from our impactful experience at the fair.

  • According to SNE Research, the ASSB (All-Solid-State Battery) market is expected to begin mass production in 2027 and could account for 10-13% of the overall battery market by around 2035.
  • Samsung SDI anticipates that the ASSB market for electric vehicles (EVs) will start in 2026, with their pilot plant “S-Line” targeting mass production by 2027.
  • LG Energy Solution is making progress in the development of 4680 cylindrical cells, which combine the strengths of 2170 and pouch technologies. These cells are expected to drive exponential growth in the EV market.
  • In 2023, Ecopro and Posco in Korea will have the largest cathode production capacity, followed by Ronbay, BASF-Toda, and LG Chem.
  • Umicore is actively working towards mass production of Si-C (Silicon Carbon) anode materials to become the leading European supplier of scalable Si-anode solutions for EV customers.

Conference, Battery Day Europe

Speaker Juhan Lee

Topic: The Synthetic Carbon Performance Additive Porocarb® – Value-added Carbon Synergy in LIB

Speaker: Juhan Lee

When: Thursday, 15th, 15:10 - 15:25

Where: InterBattery Stage (Hall C3, Messe München)

Website:  Link

Synopsis: Heraeus Porocarb® is a synthetic porous carbon additive which can be tailored to the requirements of each application. Multiple degrees of freedom allow adjusting the inner porosity, specific surface area and particle size distribution resulting in different grades, optimized for anode and cathode electrodes. Porocarb® enhances the performance of the respective electrode in synergy with carbon conductive additives. In case of cathode designs, Porocarb® can reduce the cell heating during discharge, boost pulse power performance and enhance the C-rate discharge capacity. In addition, Porcarb® can mediate processability of the slurries by enhancing the rheology and dispersion properties.

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