CIBF, 16-18 May 2023

The CIBF - China International Battery Fair - is the world's largest trade fair devoted to batteries and takes place every two years in Shenzhen/CHN.


Trade fair


City: Shenzhen/CHN

Booth no.: 6GB507/Hall 6

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Key take aways

  • The CIBF highlighted the strong momentum in the battery industry and provided a glimpse into the latest trends and innovations in battery technology.
  • We observed an increased presence of sodium ion batteries (SIB) and solid-state batteries at the fair. These new types of batteries promise higher energy density and lower cost than traditional lithium ion batteries and are expected to play a major role in the future of the battery industry.
  • There was a significant focus on auxiliary and quality/sensing equipment for battery production. This indicates that battery manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the overall quality and efficiency of their production processes.
  • Prominent at the fair were next generation battery materials, both active and supporting, such as carbon additives. These materials promise to enhance the performance and longevity of batteries.



Topic: Improve your battery by enhancing the transport processes in the electrode with Porocarb®

Speaker: Moritz Hantel

When: 14:50 – 15:05 16th May 2023

Where: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (New Center), Shenzhen, China

Synopsis: Heraeus Porocarb® is a synthetic porous carbon performance additive optimized for different designs of anode and cathode electrodes.

On the cathode, Porocarb reduces the cell heating during discharge at high current, boosts pulse power performance, enhances the C-rate discharge capacity and prolongs the cycling life. Furthermore, Porocarb® can mediate the processability of the slurry by enhancing the rheology and dispersion properties.

It can be tailored to various requirements of different applications for lithium-ion batteries. Hereby adjusting the inner porosity, specific surface area and particle size distribution of Porocarb. Porocarb® maximizes the performance of the respective electrode in synergy with typical carbon additives.

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