AABC Europe, 19-22 May, 2023

The AABC - Advanced Auto Battery Europe - is the leading European forum where automakers and energy-storage system developers discuss the recent progress in EC capacitor and advanced battery technology implementation in automotive, industrial and specialty applications.




Topic: The synthetic carbon performance additive Porocarb® – 0.5 wt.% can make the difference

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Synopsis: Heraeus Porocarb® is a synthetic porous carbon additive which can be tailored to the requirements of each application. Multiple degrees of freedom allow for adjusting the inner porosity, specific surface area and particle size distribution resulting in different grades, optimized for anode and cathode electrodes. Porocarb® enhances the performance of the respective electrode in synergy with carbon conductive additives. In case of cathode designs, Porocarb® can reduce the cell heating during discharge, boost pulse power performance and enhance the C-rate discharge capacity.

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