Porocarb® – Open and interconnected porosity in one particle

The innovative carbon-platform

Porocarb® is an innovative platform of synthetic macro-porous carbon materials. The single particles of Porocarb® contain a well-defined network of interconnected macro-pores which can be filled with liquids, gases or solids. The pores serve as reservoirs, transport routes, filters or anchor points. Porocarb® can be tuned from the mechanically stable backbone to the pores and opens the opportunity to incorporate macro-pores in electrodes – an innovative design factor delivering benefits for next generation systems.

Carbon Tunability

Porocarb® - Carbon Tunability

Our Porocarb® product portfolio is based on various hard and soft carbons offering different grades of porosity. Through post treatment of these base carbons we shape the ideal carbon candidates for various applications e.g. Li-ion batteries. The freedom to customize multiple parameters of Porocarb® particles enables you to get the most out of your electrochemical system.

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Tailored Porocarb® creates synergies with carbon black and carbon nanotube additive mixture.

Tailored Porocarb® creates synergies with carbon black and carbon nanotube additive mixture for Li-ion batteries

Porocarb® offers performance and processing advantages by harnessing synergies in the carbon additive mixture. Replacing a part of your existing carbon additive mix, e.g. as binary or trinary mixture, will maximize the performance of your formulation. Hereby harnessing the advantages of long and short-range conductivity (CB + CNT) as well as enhancing ion-transport via Porocarb.

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Our capabilities

Tailored Porocarb® creates synergies with carbon black and carbon nanotube additive mixture.

Profit from our lithium-ion battery application expertise and customer centric development approaches

Our team of highly skilled experts support you as an extension to your R&D team improving your ability to focus on your key challenges. Our analytics lab provides state-of-the-art powder characterization, while our application lab tests Porocarb® in lithium ion batteries to facilitate your design-in-process.

Porocarb® Plant

With our scalable production process, dedicated to produce only the most advanced high-performance carbons we meet highest quality requirements

Our state-of-the art, highly automated production facility enables efficient production and robust product quality. Our plant is located in one of the world’s largest chemical and logistic hubs and the main gateway to Western Europe.

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ISO 9001 certified quality management system

Our quality management system satisfies the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and is regularly audited by TÜV Süd Management Service.

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