Vacations in outer space

Will we all take vacations to distant planets some day? Will we take a stroll on Mars? Will we see the swirling Northern Lights of Jupiter for ourselves? If and when that actually happens, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a California company that builds space probes for NASA, including Voyager 2, has already designed some strikingly beautiful travel posters for space vacations. JPL designers created retro travel posters to show how far the NASA probes have already flown for the Visions of the Future project. The posters are simply spectacular. They advertise such destinations as Kepler-186f, which is more than 500 light years from Earth. The poster’s designers imagined humans strolling about there in spacesuits, admiring the red grass. Or how about going for a row on Titan after having a drink on Ceres?

Which motive do you like best?

The loveliest poster is perhaps the one showing the Grand Tour, which is Voyager 2’s route to the four outer plants of our solar system. This trip has to be planned meticulously, however: the planets are in the proper alignment only once every 175 years.