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Clean Air
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Clean Air For All

Everyone needs it to live. It is precious, and the legal and social pressure to protect it is increasing, with stricter requirements on the rise. This is creating major challenges, but also outstanding opportunities.


Food For Everyone

As the world food demand continues to grow, so does the need for solutions to increase crop yields. This opens up good market opportunities, but also presents challenges.

Healthy Life

Living a Long, Healthy Life

Health is important to everyone, regardless of age. But as people are living longer, the incidence of cancer is increasing.


Energy Storage for the Future

The energy transition is of prime importance in fighting global climate change, and it is making good progress.

Precious Metals Product Shop

Precious Metals Product Shop

Chemicals and solutions from now on also in our Product Shop. We offer you an comprehensive portfolio of catalysts and solutions containing precious metals, also on an industrial scale. By samples online here.

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