Heraeus Medical introduces innovative All-in-One Fixation System™ PALACOS® pro to the U.S. market

New all-in-one bone cement and vacuum mixing system enables gold-standard PALACOS® bone cement to be mixed with safe, contactless handling

PALACOS® pro All-in-One Fixation System

YARDLEY, Pennsylvania- October 1, 2018- Heraeus Medical, a global leader in joint fixation and infection management, today announced an innovative addition to its portfolio of PALACOS® products. The innovative PALACOS® R & R+G pro All-in-One Fixation System™ integrates the renowned quality of PALACOS® bone cement into a ready-to-mix closed vacuum system. By adding an efficient, sterile workflow to the gold standard in cement, PALACOS® R & R+G pro brings a new level of simplification and standardization in joint arthroplasty procedures.

The new all-in-one cement and vacuum mixing system requires fewer steps and less time to prepare. The completely closed vacuum system minimizes the risk of bone cement contamination with safe, contactless handling. In addition, vacuum mixing reduces porosity, improves cement homogeneity, and strengthens the cement-prosthesis interface.

PALACOS® R & R+G, used by orthopaedic surgeons for over 50 years, has been recognized as the gold standard in bone cement, achieving the lowest rates of joint arthroplasty revision. Moreover, PALACOS® R+G has been proven to elute the highest proportion of antibiotic to surrounding tissue, minimizing the risk of infection in the implant with a reduced systemic load.

"Surgeons have relied on and trusted our high-quality PALACOS® products for decades, and our ready-to-mix closed vacuum system is an exciting addition to the PALACOS® portfolio in the United States,” stated Devin Childers, Vice President and General Manager of Heraeus Medical, LLC. He added, "The benefits of PALACOS® pro support our mission to continuously provide solutions that lead to improved outcomes for patients undergoing joint arthroplasty procedures.”

Heraeus Medical, the inventor and exclusive manufacturer of PALACOS®, successfully supports its customers directly in Europe, Australia, and several other countries through an integrated ordering process. Effective January 2, 2018 new and existing U.S. customers could order the full portfolio of U.S. approved PALACOS® products directly from Heraeus Medical by calling 1-833-PALACOS (725-2267), or by visiting the website  www.heraeus-medical-usa.com .