Sterile, Single Use Cement Gun


Providing Convenience and Cost Effectiveness

A 2012 study of patients undergoing TKA suggested that cement guns provide twice as much interdigitation into porous bone as hand packing.1 The newest addition to the PALACOS® mixing and delivery portfolio, the one-time-use PALAGUN® is a convenient option for facilities seeking the benefits of gun pressurization while maintaining cost efficiency without repeated sterilizations.

PALAGUN®: Your Single-Use Cementing Gun Option

Sterilization is a necessary, but time-consuming and expensive process for all facilities - even more so for those without easy sterilization access. The single-use, fully pre-sterilized PALAGUN® is an important step in efficient modern cementing technique.

  • Ready-to-use cement gun eliminates need for timely and costly sterilization
  • Sealed sterile pouch minimizes exposure to OR bacteria and particulate before use2
  • A great solution for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) performing total joint replacements
  • Compatible with all Heraeus vacuum cartridge systems (PALAMIX® & PALACOS® pro All-In-One-Fixation-SystemTM)
  • Available exclusively in the USA

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Tray sterilization is expensive, and can be inefficient. 

A Journal of Arthroplasty study found significant potential for logistical and economic improvements with single-use instruments in TKA surgeries. The use of pre-sterilized efficiency systems resulted in a median cost reduction of $57-75 per tray sterilized - and tray sterilization was determined to be both the greatest cost driver for traditional instruments and the primary area for cost savings.3,4

Occasionally, cement guns can become contaminated or have use issues during surgery. This necessitates the retrieval of another gun from central supply and a delay in surgery. Each minute of surgical delay costs US hospitals $39.77 and every 15 minutes of surgical time increases the risk of complications including "anemia requiring transfusion, wound dehiscence, renal insufficiency, sepsis, surgical site infection, urinary tract infection, and readmission".5,6 Our pre-sterilized PALAGUN® comes out of the package ready for immediate use, which can save critical intra-operative time.  It is also perfect for ASCs without onsite sterilization where the efficiency of our single-use cement gun can contribute to shorter set-up, surgical, and clean-up times.7

Pre-sterilized, single use materials may also reduce the risk of infection by limiting possible contact with contaminants.2 When partnered with a closed mixing system such as PALACOS® R & R+G pro All-in-One Fixation System™, PALAGUN® can help to reduce the threat of contamination on your back table and during surgery. 

PALAGUN®: Single-Use Cement Gun used with PALAMIX®

Click to watch the Handling Video of PALAGUN®: Single-Use Cement Gun used with PALAMIX®

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