PALACOS® R & R+G pro
All-in-One Fixation System

Not just unprecedented. Untouchable.

The innovative PALACOS® R & R+G pro All-in-One Fixation System™ integrates the renowned quality of PALACOS® bone cement into a ready-to-mix closed vacuum system. By adding an efficient, sterile workflow to the gold standard in cement1, PALACOS® R & R+G pro brings a new level of simplification and standardization in joint arthroplasty procedures.

Simplicity. Safety. Superiority.
It all comes together here.

The all-in-one cement + vacuum mixing system improves workflow standardization

  • Fewer steps and less time to prepare high quality PALACOS® R & R+G2
  • One stocking unit simplifies ordering and lowers vendor costs
  • All-in-one approach and multiple indicators lowers complexity within internal processes

Vacuum mixing in a completely closed system, minimizing the risk of bone cement contamination

  • Safe and contactless handling
  • Sealed ampoule and activated charcoal filter minimize MMA fumes during mixing process3
  • Glass particles are captured through double filtration

PALACOS® R & R+G* has been known as the gold standard in arthroplasty1 for nearly 50 years, achieving the lowest rates of revision.

  • Manufactured with high quality raw ingredients and a proven formula
  • PALACOS® R+G elutes the highest proportion of antibiotic to surrounding tissue, minimizing the risk of infection in the implant with a reduced systemic load4
  • Vacuum mixing reduces porosity, improves cement homogeneity, and strengthens the cement-prosthesis interface5

* PALACOS® R+G is indicated for use in the second stage of a two stage revision for the total joint arthroplasty after the initial infection has been cleared.

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