With our eleven production and four trading sites in all relevant time zones, we offer our customers a global production and logistics network.

  • Trading sites in Hanau, Germany ­ New York, USA ­ Shanghai, China ­ Hong Kong
  • Operations and recycling sites in Hanau (Germany), Shannon (Ireland), Izmir (Turkey), Port Elizabeth (South Africa), Santa Fe Springs (USA), Wartburg (USA), Taicang (China), Shanghai (China), Hong Kong, Singapore, Udaipur (India)
  • Further sales sites in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Cavenago di Brianza (Italy), Courtaboeuf Cédex (France), Longton Stoke-on-Trent (Great Britain), Hertfordshire (Great Britain), Madrid (Spain), West Conshohocken (USA), Seoul (Korea), Incheon (Korea), Suwon (Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Taipei (Taiwan), Tangerang (Indonesia)
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