Heraeus acquires Canadian recycling company McCol Metals
Heraeus acquires Canadian recycling company McCol Metals

McCol Metals is specialized in recovering iridium from spent mixed metal oxide electrodes. Heraeus acquires 100% of the company, which will continue its operations in St. John’s, N.L., Canada.

Management Change
Management change at Heraeus Precious Metals

André Christl, CEO Heraeus Precious Metals, will hand over the management of the company to Dr. Steffen Metzger and Dr. Stefan Staubach, effective June 1st, 2024. The two will lead Heraeus Precious Metals together as Co-CEOs in the future.

Hydrogen Transportation
Whitepaper: Unlocking Hydrogen Transportation

The crucial role of ruthenium in ammonia cracking technologies

In this white paper, we present an overview of the ammonia economy and the potential for ruthenium (Ru) cracking catalysts, then summarise the ruthenium supply from global mining operations as well as the necessity of recycling, followed by an outline of other sectors of ruthenium demand. This market overview then gives us confidence that using ruthenium catalysts for ammonia cracking is sustainable for the long term.

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