New Precious Metal Catalyst from Heraeus Successful in Lignin Conversion

Hanau, 31.03.22 - The catalyst is highly suitable for the conversion of the natural substance lignin to phenolic components on an industrial scale.

AGXX - The antimicrobial technology for a germ-free life

Microorganisms can pose a significant health threat as well as harm to the economy. To minimize this threat Heraeus offers a completely new antimicrobial technology. Since its effect is based on a catalytic reaction and not on the release of substances (e.g. metal ions), AGXX offers numerous advantages compared to conventional technologies.

Milestone for green hydrogen: Heraeus’ innovative electrocatalyst saves up to 90% iridium

Heraeus recently launched a cost-effective and efficient catalyst for PEM electrolysis. The ground-breaking catalyst contains 50 to 90 percent less iridium than conventional products with up to three times higher catalyst performance.

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