Management Change
Management change at Heraeus Precious Metals

André Christl, CEO Heraeus Precious Metals, will hand over the management of the company to Dr. Steffen Metzger and Dr. Stefan Staubach, effective June 1st, 2024. The two will lead Heraeus Precious Metals together as Co-CEOs in the future.

Circlear Intro
Heraeus Precious Metals launches “Circlear” – products made with 100% recycled precious metals

Heraeus Precious Metals, has introduced its new offering for products made with 100% recycled precious metals. The recycled material is available under the brand name Circlear and based on a third-party audited mass balance approach. It comes with a significantly lower carbon footprint, thereby helping customers to meet their sustainability goals.

Optimizing your Precious Metals Catalyst Supply Chain: 10 Key Tips

From choosing the right catalyst to minimizing your carbon footprint, this whitepaper explores 10 strategies to strengthen your precious metals catalyst supply chain. Discover ways to ensure seamless sourcing and leveraging precious metal catalysts, amidst their high value and scarcity.

Heraeus Precious Metals

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