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Components for Glass Making

Producing economically with components made of precious metals – at first glance that appears to be a contradiction in the field of glass making. However, many of our customers have already achieved a good relationship between total costs and value, and now use precious metal components on a large scale.

The SynGas2Ethene research project aims to sustainably produce ethene from synthesis gas on an industrial scale
Heraeus Precious Metals: Joint research project for the sustainable production of ethene

Under the leadership of Ruhr University Bochum, Heraeus Precious Metals is conducting research together with the energy supplier RWE and Rubokat GmbH on the implementation of sustainable chemical value chains for the production of ethene.

Heraeus Precious Forecast 2023
Heraeus Precious Forecast 2023

The price of gold could rise to a record high in euro terms next year, according to Heraeus Precious Metals, the world's largest recycler and trader of precious metals. "In times of the ongoing Ukraine war, high inflation and growing recession concerns, gold remains in the focus of many investors," said Henrik Marx, Head of Trading - Heraeus Precious Metals, at the presentation of the company’s annual precious metals forecast.

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The best solution to your challenge is our top priority. Heraeus is a leading provider of precious metals services and products. We combine all activities related to our comprehensive expertise in the precious metals loop – from trading to precious metals products to recycling.