Precious Metal Bars

Precious metals for investors and industry – direct from the precious metals specialists

Heraeus is one of the leading suppliers of precious metals worldwide. Our bars are among the most popular investment products when it comes to investments in physical precious metals. Because of their unique properties, however, precious metals are also used in a number of industrial applications and products.

All services from a single source – more than just reliable procurement

When you purchase precious metals, you often need more than just delivery of the desired quantities. For example, being able to obtain all the materials you need from a single source is an advantage. Heraeus offers you a unique, particularly broad portfolio of rare platinum group precious metals.

In most cases, in addition to procurement you need professional risk hedging. Where applicable, you might also wish to recover precious metals from the wastes or residues of your production processes.

At Heraeus, you can get all this from a single source, and worldwide. With a total of ten locations in Europe, China, India, the US, and South Africa, we have a presence in all of the major industrial regions and time zones.

Heraeus Precious Metal Bars