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Platinum DPH-Strong / Pt DPH-Strong

Platinum DPH-Strong is an oxide dispersion hardened grade of pure platinum. It is commonly used in high temperature applications when the use of Rhodium cannot be tolerated or in times of high Rhodium prices (e. g. crucibles and equipment for processing special optical glasses). Pt DPH-Strong does offer improved mechanical properties compared to Pt DPH. The hardening which results from the oxide particles, represents the most effective strengthening mechanism of the material. Due to the modified microstructure, DPH is considerably less sensitive to corrosion processes along the grain boundaries than comparable materials. These characteristics allow for extended life and results in the precious metal to be used more economically. An example would be reduced wall thicknesses of Pt DPH-Strong compared to Pt or increased lifetime.

  • General Designation: Platinum DPH-Strong
  • Applications: glass manufacturing, casting dishes, glass fibre bushings, crucibles, laboratory equipment (crucibles), glass stirrers, plunger
  • Product Forms: sheet, tube, wire
  • Density (g/cm³): 21.27


Material Behaviour
Forming Process
machinable, formable

Electric Resistivity - HT¹

Young's Modulus (GPa)
Young's Modulus - HT¹
Yield Strength RP0,2 - HT²
Ult. Tensile Strength Rm - HT³
Tensile Fracture Elongation A - HT⁴
Creep Rupture⁶
Hardness (HV)
Tensile strength (MPa)
Yield strength (MPa)
Elongation (%)
63 203 58 31
Sources Mechanical
1measured | ²measured | ³measured | ⁴measured | ⁵measured and extrapolated | ⁶measured and extrapolated

Melting Range
From Temperature (°C)
To Temperature (°C)
Thermal conductivity (W /(m*K)) [RT]
Thermal conductivity - HT¹
Specific Heat - HT²
Linear Coefficient of Expansion³
From Temperature (°C)
To Temperature (°C)
Coefficient (x10-6/K)
27 100 10.3
27 200 9.86
27 300 9.91
27 400 9.94
27 500 10.0
27 600 10.1
27 700 10.2
27 800 10.3
27 900 10.4
27 1000 10.5
27 1100 10.6
27 1200 10.8
27 1300 10.9
27 1400 11.0
27 1500 11.2
Sources Thermal
¹measured | ² extrapolated and measured | ⁴measured


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