Redefining Efficiency and Flexibility of Digital Metal Coatings


Heraeus Printed Electronics is the only turnkey solution provider in the world for advanced particle-free metal inks matched with precision inkjet printing equipment having the system know-how to fulfill the complex requirements of modern electronics manufacturing.

Prexonics_Range of Applications

Precision and Efficiency in Electronic Coatings

  • Our system features a specially formulated, particle-free silver ink and a state-of-the-art inkjet printer, both engineered for effective 2.5D selective coating. This innovative approach allows for detailed and precise pattern layouts, meeting the needs of miniaturization in electronics packaging.

Customized Thin Metallization Film

  • Our technology enables the creation of metallization films ranging from 150 nm to 5 μm, with conductivity levels at 20-50% of bulk silver. Central to our system is an advanced image processor that accurately transforms CAD designs into precisely coated components. The entire process, encompassing pre-treatment, inkjet printing, and sintering into a metallic silver film, is automated and adheres to the highest industry standards.

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Advantages of Our Integrated System

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  • Mask-Free Process
    Streamlines manufacturing by eliminating the need for complex masking, enhancing design flexibility.
  • High Material Efficiency
    Achieves up to 99% material efficiency, significantly reducing waste and production costs.
  • Rapid Design Changes
    Our digital process quickly adapts to evolving design requirements, ensuring agility in product development and production.
  • Mass Production Readiness
    Designed for scalability, our system is capable of handling high-volume production demands, proving essential for mass manufacturing in the electronics industry.
  • Reduced Environmental Footprint
    • Sustainable Resource Utilization
      Eliminating plating baths and lithographic masking
    • Waste Reduction
      Additive process making excess material and masks obsolete
    • Energy Efficiency
      Short process times cutting down the overall energy usage
    • Enhanced Workplace Health & Safety
      Utilizing particle-free and PFAS-free inks

Join Heraeus in Shaping Electronics Manufacturing's Future

As the singular global provider of this integrated system, Heraeus Printed Electronics is at the forefront of a new era in electronics manufacturing. We invite you to explore how our combination of innovation, precision, and efficiency is setting new industry standards.

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