Heraeus Amloy Technology Day 2021

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27th and 28th October 2021

Once again, Heraeus Amloy opens its doors to interested visitors who want to learn more about amorphous metals and their manufacturing and processing technologies. In addition to market-specific fields of application, e.g. medical technology, sensor elements or tool inserts and flexure hinges, you will get to know our production at first hand.

Amorphous alloys meet sensor components

14th Septmeber2021


In many areas of today's high-tech applications, conventional materials are reaching their performance limits. Especially in measuring systems, one of the biggest challenges is to find the optimal combination of accuracy, sensitivity and fatigue strength.

Discover how a new class of materials overcomes the limits of measurement technology!

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Medical technology from the 3D printer

2021/02/25 - Customized prostheses and implants that adapt to the bone: Amorphous metals are turning out to be real multi-talents for medical technology.

Missed our webinar "5 insights on how amorphous alloys push the limits of conventional materials"?

In our webinar we have explained the 5 insights on how amorphous alloys push the limits of conventional materials.In addition to that we have given you you an insight to various areas of application.

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Amorphous metals for space research

NASA has tested what material is suitable for drill heads used to collect samples on icy planets. Also in this test: our amorphous metals.

Heraeus AMLOY Technologies

Production of amorphous components by injection molding and 3D printing as well as development of new and optimized amorphous alloys.

German Innovation Award

The demands of high-tech applications create great challenges for engineers: whether miniaturization in robotics or weight reduction in e-mobility - innovations today are often only possible by using new materials. Amorphous metals open up completely new possibilities due to their unique material properties such as high strength combined with high elasticity, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility.

Heraeus AMLOY specializes in the development of amorphous alloys as well as the manufacturing of amorphous components. We are the only manufacturer worldwide to offer you two different near net shape process technologies for the manufacture of amorphous components in-house: With injection molding you benefit from the shortest process times, with 3D printing we offer you the best surface quality on the market.

AMS is now part of the Heraeus Group and strengthens the market for amorphous metals in cooperation with Heraeus AMLOY.

To be able to offer even more possibilities to use amorphous metals in your products, Heraeus AMLOY combined their expertise and technology with Amorphous Metal Solutions (AMS), who are also specialized in the manufacturing of amorphous components as well as the development of amorphous alloys. The near-net-shape process solution offered by AMS is ideally suited for industrial production of small and filigree components.

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