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Heraeus AMLOY and Nik Huber Guitars build the first guitar with amorphous metals

Heraeus AMLOY - Amorphous Alloy Technologies

Enhance your product performance by using Amorphous Metals which offer a unique combination of materials characteristics: High strength is combined with excellent ductility, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility and isotropic behavior.

The requirements on modern materials and high tech applications are rising as products should offer improved performance as longer lifetime through improved wear and/or corrosion resistance as well as miniaturization through easy to process high strength materials with good ductility which is a conflict in itself. Isotropic behavior, i.e. same mechanical properties in all dimensions, supports a simpler design of the products. Most of today’s crystalline high strength materials are not easy to handle and have a complex process value chain, unlike amorphous metals which have such extraordinary characteristics after casting.

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