Towards a Full Catalyst Management – Attend our Presentation at Middle East Petrotech 2016

29. September, 10:00h-10:30h, Technical Session „Catalyst Management“, Manama, Bahrain

Precious Metal (PM) catalysts are an integral part of downstream processing and petrochemical manufacturing. On average these catalysts contain 0,25% Pt and/or Pt and Re. All catalysts need to be replaced from time to time and the precious metals need to be recovered. Each change-out in an oil-refinery involves up to 150t of spent catalyst. This represents high investments and therefore the judicious management of these assets can achieve significant value optimization.

The presentation will outline the various recycling process steps Heraeus goes through to return the most value to its customers from the spent catalysts, including a customer focused ‘bridge lease’ program for the advance preparation of the replacement catalyst:

As a full loop recycler Heraeus Metal Management offers metal leases to oil refineries, provides hedging services to manage price risks and supply precursor compounds so that replacement catalyst can be prepared in advance and the change-out time is minimized. This saves money, time and energy.

Specifically for our customers in the Middle East, Heraeus has partnered with Al Bilad Catalyst Company (ABC) located in Jubail Industrial City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide door-to-door service from your refinery to ABC right in the Middle East and then manage the export to Heraeus’s Hanau, Germany plant.

Together with ABC we will demonstrate how we can optimize your precious metals management and are looking forward to welcoming you at our presentation in Bahrain!