Argor-Heraeus and Erbas join forces to become the leading supplier in the luxury watchmaking and jewellery industry

Mendrisio, 18th May 2022

With the agreement signed in the past few days, Argor-Heraeus, one of the global leaders in precious metal processing, has become the 100% owner of Erbas, a historic, Ticino-based company active in the watchmaking and jewellery sector. The joint decision further expands the range of services offered by Argor-Heraeus. It consolidates the company’s role as a reference point for the global luxury watch and jewellery sector.

The two corporations share a common vision of how business should be done. This vision is founded on the highest quality and long-term development, supported by the benefit of both companies being family-owned. Also, geographically they are an excellent match with the two headquarters being less than one kilometre away from each other in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

With Argor-Heraeus, Erbas ends its long search for a partner capable of continuing the company's successful path, as well as ensuring greater access to global markets. The choice was driven by the desire to go beyond a mere economic transaction, in order to ensure the continuation of quality and development while maintaining the beating heart of its business in Ticino.

“I am very happy to have found a local partner. The agreement gives Erbas and our employees the opportunity to continue our growth path”, emphasizes Angelo Quattropani, the owner of Erbas.

Argor-Heraeus and Erbas contract signing
Werner Mangold (Head of Legal & Compliance Argor), Robin Kolvenbach (Co-CEO Argor), Angelo Quattropani (Owner Erbas) and Jacqueline Quattropani (Owner Erbas) signing the agreement (from left to right)

The two companies complement each other: they work in different stages of the manufacturing process, and often for the same customers. Therefore, clients will be able to count on the same great wealth of skills and abilities as before but now through a single partner. The journey towards integration will begin in the coming weeks.

“For Argor-Heraeus, the acquisition lays the foundation for further growth, through vertical integration where new investments have already been planned in facilities and people”, comments Steffen Voss, Co-CEO of Argor-Heraeus.

The agreement represents an additional step forward regarding the traceability of the end product - a crucial aspect in a sector where the simplification of the supply chain ensures even greater direct control over materials, from origin to the end customer.

The bond between Argor-Heraeus and Erbas consolidates Ticino's role in watchmaking, a sector worth nearly half a billion francs in the canton and responsible for 30 percent of national production. A big player with more than 450 total employees will keep expertise and decision-making centers in Mendrisio, laying the foundations for the future of two entities that have been intertwining their growth path with the economic and social development of Canton Ticino for nearly 150 years.

“With this move, the Heraeus Group confirms its desire to have Switzerland as a global hub for the luxury watchmaking and jewellery sector”, Steffen Voss concludes.