AGXX antimicrobial technology from Heraeus Precious Metals wins Best of Industry Award

Hanau, 16th January 2023

Heraeus Precious Metals has received the Best of Industry Award. In the medical technology category, the antimicrobial technology AGXX beat out the competition. With AGXX, Heraeus offers an innovative antimicrobial technology that demonstrates outstanding effectiveness against this broad spectrum of microorganisms and protects surfaces and textiles from germ infestation.

Best of Industry Award for AGXX

The Best of Industry Award has been presented annually since 2016 by MM Maschinenmarkt, the trade medium for the industry. It recognizes innovations in the industry that stand out from the crowd and offer particular added value. The industry award is presented in a total of 24 categories, including for the first time the areas of process industry as well as laboratory and medical technology.

More than 190 companies applied for the prestigious awards. During a five-month voting phase, readers of the trade magazine were able to vote for their favorites and thus decide which companies, innovations and projects will receive the coveted Best of Industry Award 2022.

Portrait of Martin Danz
Martin Danz, Co-Head AGXX Heraeus Precious Metals

Martin Danz, Co-Head of AGXX at Heraeus Precious Metals, emphasized: "We are very pleased to receive the Best of Industry Award 2022 in the medical technology category. With our AGXX technology, we are making a decisive contribution to effectively combating dangerous microorganisms, viruses and other harmful germs. My special thanks go to the entire team that made this award possible."

AGXX Team with the Best of Industry Award
AGXX antimicrobial technology from Heraeus Precious Metals has won Best of Industry Award

About AGXX

Microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, algae and viruses pose a particular threat and can cause significant harm to people and the economy. Biocidal products are therefore used every day in a wide variety of applications to minimize or prevent this damage: to protect health, improve human and animal hygiene, or extend the shelf life of a wide range of materials.

The new antimicrobial technology AGXX from Heraeus Precious Metals protects surfaces and textiles against germs and shows a long-lasting effect against bacteria, viruses, biofilm formation as well as resistant germs. AGXX is based on redox reactions and microelectric field effects. In the presence of atmospheric humidity, oxygen is converted into oxygen radicals, which react with microorganisms and kill them. In addition, the microelectric field present interferes with important cell membrane functions.

In contrast to conventional technologies, the mechanism of action of AGXX is based on a catalytic reaction and not on the release of substances such as metal ions. Furthermore, there is no development of resistance, which can occur with antibiotics, for example.