Pittcon 2019

Meet Heraeus commercial specialists at Pittcon 2019

The use of precious metals in laboratories is indispensable. As a leading manufacturer, Heraeus offers you a comprehensive range of high quality platinum products such as platinum crucibles, dishes and lids. These are used for various fusion or melting processes in the analytical lab and for the preparation of samples for XRF analysis. From purchasing to recycling, we offer complete solution and help you to handle platinum products efficiently.

Visit us at Pittcon 2019 to get in contact with our commercial specialists

  • March 19th - 21st, 2019
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia (USA)
  • Booth #1606

Our commercial specialists will share their ideas and schedule an appointment with technical specialist for professional consulting. We look forward to discussing current projects, processes and challenges with you.

3 questions to Aaron Macon, Sales Labware

What types of laboratory equipment does Heraeus offer?

Aaron Marcon

Heraeus offers a wide range of standard laboratory equipment made of platinum materials. These are used for sample preparation in the analysis of a wide variety of materials. The intrinsic value of the platinum materials used in the equipment is particularly important to us. For this reason, we offer the recycling of used precious metals for offsetting against new orders. This gives our customers the opportunity to obtain value from their used material and to benefit from a closed precious metal cycle.

Why should precious metals be used in a laboratory?

By using precious metal in the laboratory, the purity of the sample preparation can be significantly optimized. The analysis results improve considerably in later processes. Precious metal is therefore more necessary than ever, because quality control depends on accuracy.

What do you expect from Pittcon?

Pittcon offers me an opportunity to meet users in person and respond to their requirements personally. Since the application areas for platinum in laboratories are very diverse, this is always a good opportunity to broaden one's own horizons so that we can offer customers optimal conditions for their laboratory work.