Silver Contact Materials

Silver alloys for low voltage switching technology

Silver-based alloys and composite materials are essential when it comes to controlled switching of electrical loads in the low voltage range as well as the switchgear, automotive and telecommunication industry.​

Heraeus classic standard materials range from Ag, AgCu and AgPd alloys to fine grain silver (Ag-0.15Ni) to composite materials such as silver-nickel, silver-graphite, silver-tungsten or silver-tungsten carbide as well as the silver-metal oxides AgSnO2, AgZnO and AgCdO.​

Electrical contacts are available in different sizes and shapes. They range from strips and wires to profiles, tips and assemblies as well as rivets, tips and contacts in customized form

In addition, Heraeus offers supportive advice on choosing and adapting the right material in line with outstanding consulting service based on detailed analysis in Heraeus’ inhouse labs.

Your Benefits

  • Comprehensive production control​
  • Highly reliable materials​
  • Optimally adapted to your requirements​
  • Broad range of products​
  • Many years of experience in contact technology


switching contacts

Switching Contacts​

Switching contacts ensure smooth electrical current flow at lower voltage levels. Their relevance lies in their ability to support safe and precise power transmission, control signals, and data communication.​

breaker contacs

Circuit Breaker Contacts

Circuit breaker contacts are designed to handle the electrical arcs that occur during the switching operation of the breaker.​

contact assemblies

Contact Assemblies​

Contact assemblies offer sourcing an already assembled module for connectivity applications.​

wires, strips and tapes

Wires, Strips & Tapes​

Wires, strips and tapes enable to integrate contact solutions into your own manufacturing process.

Heraeus’ Indian joint venture Choksi Heraeus is specialized in producing and supplying electrical contact materials that are well-known for their exceptional quality and can be used for a wide range of applications. ​

Find out more about silver electrical contacts made by  Choksi Heraeus.

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