Silver Base Contact Materials

Silver alloys for low voltage switching technology

With silver base alloys and composite materials from Heraeus, we offer you high-grade quality materials that are perfectly adapted to your requirements. Choose Heraeus and gain the benefits of an outstanding consulting service and customized silver base contact materials such as silver-tin oxide, silver-graphite or silver-cadmium oxide. Moreover, we produce various semifinished products ranging from wire and strips to profiles, tips and formed parts. With us, you can purchase your rivets, tips and contacts in the form you need them.

A large selection of silver contact materials, which are especially suited to the switching of electrical loads in the low voltage range, is available for your applications. We can offer comprehensive consultation, analyze the materials in our laboratories and optimize them for your applications.

A broad range of contact materials is available including fine grain silver (Ag-0.15Ni), silver alloys based on AgCu and AgPd, composite materials such as silver-nickel, silver-graphite, silver-tungsten or silver-tungsten carbide as well as the silver-metal oxides AgSnO2, AgZnO and AgCdO.

Looking for the right material? Our  Material Database may help.

Your advantages

Silver Base Contact Materials
  • Low costs
  • Comprehensive production control
  • High reliability of the materials
  • Optimally adapted to your requirements
  • Broad range of products
  • Many years experience in contact technology

Areas of application

  • Switching equipment in the area of low voltage energy technology