Contact Systems for Slip Ring Applications

Slip ring transmitters are used wherever electrical power and information is transferred between a stationary and a rotating component.

The efficiency and capacity of the slip ring system depend on the quality of the transmission of power and signals, as well as on its resistance to wear.

These are determined by the design, the material, and the surface quality of the sliding system used. Only the optimal combination of the sliding contact and slip ring surface allows electrical signals to be transmitted without interference and the contact system to work with a minimum of wear and with a long service life.

High quality materials based on gold, silver, and palladium provide optimal contact resistance, mechanical and electrical properties, and excellent resistance to corrosion. To minimize costs, we can offer material combinations with lower precious metal content and selective applications of precious metals.

Our wide selection of contact materials and designs for sliding contacts, along with specially adapted contact layer systems on slip ring surfaces, allows for a wide variety of design options for your contact system in a slip ring transmitter.

Slip Ring
  • A wide range of products for a solution optimized to your application
  • Materials and products adapted specifically to the application with outstanding reliability and long service life
  • Cost savings from lower precious metal content by means of selective application of the precious metals
  • Expert consultation and expertise through years of experience in contact technology and application in the area of slip ring transmitters
  • Analysis and evaluation of your contact system in our modern application laboratory

Slip ring transmitters are used, among others, in the following industrial applications:

Multi Wire Wiper
  • Wind power generators
  • Cranes
  • Rotating production machines
  • Precision instruments, for instance those used for data transmission
  • Medical equipment
  • Radar equipment
  • Stage equipment
  • Robotics