Switching Contacts

Switching contacts are components for contact systems in information and data technology, as well as for automotive and industrial applications.

Relays and switches are used in almost all areas of modern electronics for switching peripheral equipment or as input units. Low contact resistance and the longest possible service life are essential to the functionality of these contacts. There are high standards to be met in terms of thermal, electrical and mechanical loads.

Applications that need to work in harsh environments require high quality switching contacts made of precious metal alloy strips with properties adapted to the respective specifications. Depending on the use and switching load, materials based on gold, silver, or palladium are used.

In addition to the selection of the right material, optimal manufacturing technologies are extremely important. Special cladding or electroplating methods are used as surface technologies. A precision welding process connects the contact profile segments with the stamped carrier; both are essential for good power and signal transmission.

Technologies used:

  • Joining technology: Individual contact welding and roll seam welding
  • Surface technology: Cladding and electroplating

For certain application areas, Heraeus also produces optimized alloys that meet applicable international standards (e.g. ASTM B540 for Hera 648).

Switching contact


Switching contacts from Heraeus meet your high standards for optimal power and signal transmission. Overview of your advantages:

  • Low and constant contact resistance of the switching contact
  • Corrosion- and oxidation-resistant contact materials by using suitable precious metals or alloys
  • Cost-saving solutions with lower precious metal content
  • Large selection of contact materials according to the required switching load range
  • Customized contact profile and switching element designs
  • High quality of contacts through precision manufacturing processes