Electrodes for Spark Plug Applications

From high quality alloys of platinum group metals

Increasingly high quality materials and components are being used in order to meet the growing requirements for combustion engines with respect to fuel efficiency and emissions.

High quality materials based on precious metals are therefore increasingly being used for spark plug electrodes. They are thermally stable and demonstrate long service life due to their resistance to wear and oxidation. We adapt the mechanical properties to suit your needs for optimal processing and workability.

Profit by higher efficiency thanks to optimal fuel combustion and lower CO2 emissions. In this way, also more stringent environmental standards of the future can also be met.

Our electrode materials for center and ground electrodes in spark plug applications are manufactured from high quality alloys of the platinum group metals. This means the spark plugs achieve a service life many times greater than that of conventional spark plugs with non-precious electrodes.

Share your individual applications and specifications with us. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Spark Plug Applications Pellets


  • Long service life and reliability due to wear- and oxidation-resistant materials
  • Optimal ignition of the fuel mixture
  • Good workability
  • Material properties adapted to your applications
  • Cost savings from reduced precious metal content
  • Maintains narrow manufacturing tolerances
  • Fine grain stabilized materials (DPH)
  • Customized formed and composite parts

Product properties/technical data:

We offer our spark plug electrodes in the form of continuous and cut wires, rivets, balls, discs, and crosses.

  • Wire diameter for spark plug electrodes ≥ 0.20 mm
  • Sheet thickness ≥ 0.15 mm
  • Ball diameter ≥ 0.2 mm
  • Pt alloys, e.g. PtNi, PtRh, PtIr, PtPd
  • Fine grain stabilized materials (DPH)
  • Ir alloys, e.g. IrRh, IrRe, IrRhRe